Who we are

One of the largest groups in Kazakhstan, specializing in making direct equity investments in private companies. By acquiring a controlling or significant minority stakes in companies in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries from private owners, the group is actively involved in their strategic and operational management. The group was founded in 2006.

What we do

We help companies in attracting financing, managing local risks and introducing the best practices in the field of corporate governance and financial reporting.

We enter the capital of adult companies with the aim of developing them at a new operational level, entering emerging markets, increasing their value with subsequent sales. At the same time, the portfolio of the group includes green field projects, implemented "from scratch”.

Five success factors


Virtually in every project the Company attracts a partner with sector experience and professional expertise.

Market knowledge and experience

Focuses primarily on Kazakhstan and other countries within the CIS, i.e. on the markets the Company understands best.

Private Sector

Only invests in privately owned companies and projects and does not participate in government auctions or invest in state-owned assets.

Best expertise

Partnership arrangements provide projects with access to best practice methodologies and the latest technologies.


Actively participates in the management of the companies in its portfolio

Our principles

The group of companies adheres to the principle of synergy with the involvement of partners with the best expertise, work experience and the latest technologies in a particular sector. "Verny Capital" focuses its attention on the markets of Kazakhstan and CIS countries. The Group buys projects only from private owners, not participating in state tenders and other forms of sale of state property.

Erlan Ospanov, CEO

Our vision

To preserve and increase the value of the capital we manage.

Our mission

We integrate capitals, attract professionals to effective teams, introduce advanced technologies to create high-yielding companies thus to develop the economy and to augment public welfare.

«Everyone in our team aspires to be a skilled professional: to meet high requirements, to excellently perform his work, to achieve mutual understanding»

«We are constantly developing; we are open to a new experience, knowledge and objectives»

«We unite into a team of professionals to achieve synergy of competence, experience and culture»


Investment strategy

Kazakhstan and the CIS countries are priority areas for investment. However, the Verny Capital Group is open to consider attractive investment projects outside the region.

The target size for any single Verny Capital investment is 50 million U.S. dollars.

Verny Capital has considerable expertise and experience in the mining, oil and gas and telecommunications industries, as well as in the financial services and real estate sectors. The Group does not rule out investments in other sectors of the economy.

Projects should demonstrate significant growth potential with a value multiplier of at least 2-times investment. Target exit within 5 years.

Maintaining and building a strong management team with noteworthy experience and previous achievements in order to make successful investment decisions. Verny Capital actively participates in the management of companies to increase their value.

Verny Capital considers investments in companies that either are expected to take a leadership position in the industry or clearly have certain competitive advantages.