Global Air Cargo Market: Growth Outlook & Kazakhstan’s Potential

Global air cargo is the sum of freight and mail, and air cargo traffic is strongly related to GDP, industrial production and average yield. Global air cargo traffic is projected to grow at 4.0% average per year up to 2039, driven by positive global economic growth and international goods trade.

Global air cargo markets linked to Asia is anticipated to lead all other international markets in average annual growth during 2020-2039, with Europe-East Asia at 4.4%, South Asia-Europe at 4.3% and Russia & Central Asia at 2.9%.

Kazakhstan is strategically located at the crossroads of trade flows between production facilities of East, South & Southeast Asia and sales markets of Europe. The Central Eurasian Corridor passes through Kazakhstan, the main transport artery providing overland transportation between Europe and Asia, which will be positive for the country’s integration into international logistics chain. In 2020, Kazakhstan’s air transport freight stood at 23.5mln tonne-kilometers. During 2010-2019, the country’s air freight saw robust volumes averaged at 47.57mln tonne-kilometers per year.

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