Kazakhstan wind power

Kazakhstan’s renewable energy sources facilities with total installed capacity of 2,010MW in 2021, up 11 times from 2014.

Institutional changes started with the creation of the Settlement and Financial Center for the Support of RES (RFC) KEGOC. The new organization received the role of a single purchaser, as well as the function of a supplier of electricity to the grid. The RFC began signing offtake contracts with investors who were guaranteed a fixed tariff for 15 years with an obligation to buy back the entire amount of generated electricity.

The RES industry became noticeable in 2017, when the volume of renewable energy generation began to steadily exceed 1% of the total electricity generation. In 2020, the share of the RES industry reached 3%, fulfilling the target of the Concept for the transition of the RoK to a green economy. As at 1H21, the share of green energy reached 3.5%.

By type of renewable energy generation in Kazakhstan today: solar 57%, wind 29.1%, small hydroelectric 13.4%, bioelectric 0.5%.

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Kazakhstan wind power 05.05.2022
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