RG GOLD conducts an active work with community and annually allocates USD 30 000 for social and economic development of the region and its infrastructure.

For the period from 2016 to 2018, the Company allocated approximately KZT 170M for financial and sponsor support to individuals, public and charity, municipal, state organizations and institutions, settlements such as Nikolayevka village and Raigorodok.


The Company regularly tests the surrounding air, soil and water, where emissions limits are strictly monitored and controlled.

Health and safety

Occupation health and safety form an integral part of company's activity.

The Company has built and developed the following infrastructure: rotational camp with dormitories, office building, canteen, clothing exchange and bath complex, sports ground for offhours leisure of workers, rest rooms with satellite TV.

Modern sewage and water treatment facilities are used to provide the camp with clean water. Workplace risks were identified and assessed. Map of risks by professions was developed. Trainings for employees are conducted on a regular basis.