GlobalTalks with Erlan Ospanov

Erlan Ospanov, a General Director of the group of companies of Verny Capital talked to some active young people about business, future, technology and success. We chose the best moments from the show and here they are.

Concerning human resources in the digital future: “We do not realize yet what will happen to us. We are moving from analog style of life to digital one. This is a band new way of life! These are the processes, both internal and external, that exclude a person at all. So, the main conclusion I have made is that knowledge is, and will be, important always. But though knowledge remains important, competence and experience moves to the forefront. I do mean critical thinking, teamwork and ability to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing world. It is conditioned by the fact that speed of life is really cosmic now. A new reality is launching, and I call it as a certain uncertainty.”

Education, what kind of it should be? "Education should not be based on memorization of any data and their mechanical reproduction. The main thing is to inculcate the craving for knowledge and teach to learn. For instance, in Haileybury schools children, especially in the elementary school, are actively developed in various creative trends, such as music, art, and etc., so a child attains the emotional intellect first. Modern school pays special attention to personal, social, emotional and physical development, as well as communicative and linguistic skills of students.

As regards the exact sciences, the most effective method should be a research approach. For instance, when explaining the theorem of Pythagoras, a teacher shall offer to the children to get into some groups and try to prove it on their own using various ways and only after then – demonstrate them the classical proof. In my opinion basic principle of modern education should be “learning but not just remembering.”

Why the company's portfolio is focused mainly in Kazakhstan? "First of all, we know our market very well. Secondly, we have the clear principles for strategic business management that are very complicated to be implemented remotely. "

What about the formula of success? "Everything depends on you only. You should develop competencies, gain knowledge and skills in those areas you like. In general, you need to do what you like first. Only then you can realize yourself in full. Love your job and you will be successful. "