Volunteers of Jyly Zhurek Campaign visited the Kovcheg Orphanage

On the first day of the meeting Beeline Kazakhstan organized for participants a master class on professional development of the volunteer projects. The speaker was Svetlana Pugach, an executive director of Tablotochki, the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation. Svetlana told how to form the mission of the project properly, attract volunteers, and also how to motivate and retain them.

The next day we visited the Kovcheg Orphanage located in Talgar. Every year volunteers of Jyly Zhurek visit the Orphanage and they know the children very well. We immediately started activities: dances, trampolines, football and drawing. At the end of the day, the children waited for a cake and a certificate to visit the interactive room from Beeline.

Energized and ready for new projects!

The corporate volunteer program is launched in Beeline Kazakhstan and has been operated successfully since 2008. Volunteer divisions function in all branches of the company. About 1000 employees participate actively in volunteer charity projects, investing their time, experience and knowledge. Many actions within the framework of Jyly Zhurek Proram became regular. Volunteers are involved in charity projects on the occasion of Victory Day, Children's Day, Knowledge Day, as well as participate in planting trees, volunteer clean up, collecting staff in favor of various social facilities and low-income families throughout Kazakhstan