Centralization and containment of development: what is happening to the telecom market in Kazakhstan?

The telecommunication market of Kazakhstan is recovering after a significant collapse due to the currency depreciation event occurred in 2015. Its players carry on investing actively in the infrastructure and they are working on the client services basing on the 4G network. However, the investment climate alongside with the regulatory policies impedes the foreign players to increase their interest to the companies of the sector. Possible market reform allowing duopoly can amplify the situation, but the experts point out also that there seems to be no alternative to this now. On Tuesday the market players have discussed this issue and the other things on the regular Expert Update Meeting organized by Vласть Internet Magazine and Verny Capital, a group of companies.

Alexander Komarov, a Head of Beeline Kazakhstan, has started to describe the situation on the telecom market mentioning the continued rapid development of LTE standard network.

Kaspars Kukelis, a Member of Management Board of Kazakhtelecom, parried the arguments about the transaction by indicating the absence of alternatives:

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