What else could they think to kill in the harshest possible way?

I have a passion that has become a serious business since childhood. I mean ornamental plants and gardens.

For example, in order to grow an ordinary pine, you have to create conditions similar to those in the woods. In autumn, the prepared seeds should be sown in a sheltered soil. Some of them will spring and appear as tender sprouts with height up to two centimeters that can be broken with one easy tap of a finger. These sprouts need to be sheltered from the scorching sun and watered regularly. Otherwise, they all die right away. The next year, some of them will survive and grow to a size of five centimeters. The next year, these seedlings need to be schooled, that is, transplanted to another place, to form a root system. And, perhaps, for the tenth year we can see a strong tree of four to five meters high.

Our tourism has not been born yet. Rare sprouts in the form of small groups of travel amateurs make their way through the obstacles of our bureaucracy and lack of infrastructure. And new and extremely strange initiatives burn them and dry them like a burning July sun.

Let see, for example, a proposed tax in hotels (Bed Tax) or a charge for making photos and videos in the Ile-Alatau National Park. Tax inspections of hotel operators around Alakol Lake revealed that they allegedly hide taxes. It is so clever to persue them, yeah!

- Let's implement Tax Free System!
- What for? We do not have tourists.

But the Tax Free System is the condition that is "similar to that in the woods ". In order to allow tourism development, it is necessary to create FAVORABLE CONDITIONS, but not ADVERSE. In my opinion, this is obvious!

It is interesting that they can invent more in order to make our tourism dead, being not grown to the state and strength of a five-meter-high pine tree at least?