RG Gold’s production capacity increased one and a half times

In spring of 2018, the Company has launched the third crushing and sintering complex (CSC) at the South and North Raigorodok fields in Akmola Region. The launch of CSC No. 3 as well as the second hydrometallurgical workshop (HMW No 2) will enable the increase of annual ore processing from 1.3 million tons to 2 million tons, and produce about 45-50 thousand ounces (1.5 tons) of gold per year. Investments for expansion of production for the period of 2017-2018 amounted to 6.7 million US dollars; and 140 additional work positions were created.

Serik Syzdykov, General Director of RG Gold LLP, stated: "In order to produce just a gram of the precious metal, you need to process more than a ton of ore. But there is also a positive moment, I mean, the ore from the fields is technologically advanced, and it is easy to extract gold from it. We apply a simple and cheap heap leaching method. Due to the absence of harmful and complicating leaching of impurities, RG Gold manages to achieve a high gold extraction ratio: over 80%."

Together with extraction and processing of the oxidized ores, the Company plans construction of a gold recovery plant for processing of primary ores embedded on the lower horizons of the fields. Preliminary results revealed that a gold extraction ratio is more than 85% in laboratory and semi-industrial conditions.

The gold recovery plant will be built using the direct cyanidation technology, the so-called "tank leaching". The processing capacity will comprise 6 million tons of ore per year, and it allows production of about 160,000 ounces of gold per year, as well as creation of 1 000 additional work positions. Volume of investments for construction of the factory is expected to be USD 250-300 million. Completion of construction and commissioning of the plant is planned on 2021-22.

Davron Rustamkulov, the Deputy General Director for Investments of Verny Capital Group of Companies, says: "CSC was built within the planned schedule and allocated budget. In addition, the partnership has built new infrastructure facilities successfully. At the same time, designing works of gold recovery plant for processing of primary ores is continuing rather actively. The experience gained during development of the current production allows us looking to the future with confidence regarding success of new project. "

RG Gold invested more than 12 million USD in geological exploration during the period of 2014 -2017. The Australian company AMC had estimated the resources taking into account additional drilling operations completed in May 2017. Resources have increased to 6 million ounces. The company intends to continue exploration and prospecting works within the contract area and has already developed a new program of geological exploration.