CJSC "South-Kyrgyz cement": Production development

South-Kyrgyz Cement is a modern cement production enterprise operating according to the "dry" method, with a capacity of 1 million tons of cement per year. The main advantage of the "dry" method of cement production is the reduction of fuel and electricity consumption. Also, with the "dry" method, the volume of furnace gases is reduced by 35-40%, which reduces disposal costs and, consequently, the cost of production. An important advantage of the "dry" method of production is higher productivity at lower energy costs: labor productivity and energy efficiency are 2 times higher than that of a plant using the "wet" cement production method.

The SKC plant is the most environmentally friendly plant for production of building materials in Kyrgyzstan, where advanced technological solutions have been implemented, which make it possible to reduce harmful production emissions by 2 times less than the standardized values.

The company takes part in a number of social projects: Development of social infrastructure. Recognizing its social responsibility to the local community of Kyzyl-Kiya, the SKC plant supported construction of a kindergarten and reconstruction of a hospital in the rural district.