Burabike 2018: how did it go?

On August 30 there was the Burabike sixth Charity Bike Ride, in Shchuchinsk-Borovoe Resort Area, organized by the Fund of Bulat Utemuratov and Rixos Borovoe. In many respects Burabike 2018 has become a record. This year more than 2,300 people have registered for the event, and 841 of them got across a 30-kilometer cycle track. An amount of funds gained to date has reached KZT 205 million, including sponsor and registration fees, charity auction, fair, and individual donations.

Burabike is a mass sporting event, the purpose of which is to raise funds to equip children's hospitals in Kazakhstan with life-saving medical equipment. Participants and guests of Burabike have donated nearly 700 million tenge to charity for last six years. At the same time, this year's fees amounted to KZT205 million.

Opening of the bike ride started with a minute of silence in memory of Denis Ten. The event was launched by Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Alexander Vinokurov, a General Manager of AstanaProTeam.

"I'm happy to participate in this Burabike, and also that the number of participants is increasing every year, because a main goal of this event is charity. For AstanaProTeam, taking part in this bike ride in a tradition," says Alexander Vinokurov.

"We had to terminate registration on Burabike 2018 ahead of the schedule, because we simply could not accept everyone physically. We are already planning concerning arrangement of such possibility. I am glad that popularity of Burabike has been growing every year and that more and more Kazakhstan people are involved in charity, "said Bulat Utemuratov, the inspirer of Burabike, a businessman, patron of art and founder of the charitable foundation.

During the bike ride, a charity auction took place, and 121 million tenge was collected there. The following staff has been sold as lots:

  • 1. A uniform of HT "Barys" of Brandon Bochenski, with his autograph; sold for 3 million tenge.
  • 2. Painting "Mountains. Water. Indigo” by Leila Makhat, a modern Kazakh artist; sold for 5 million tenge.
  • 3. Gloves with an autograph of Gennady Golovkin sold for 6 million tenge
  • 4. A travel certificate for three days in Spain in the training camp of AstanaProTeam in December 2018; sold for 11 million tenge.
  • 5. A Novak Djokovic's racket with his autograph sold for 11 million tenge.
  • 6. A Rafael Nadal's racket with his autograph special for Burabike 2018; sold for 17 million tenge
  • 7. Souvenir ball with an autograph of Raphael Nadal; sold for 2 million tenge
  • 8. Painting owned by Yuri Pyat, a famous cardiologist of the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center. The picture was painted by his female patient and sold for 6 million tenge.
  • 9. Retro-uniform of Pele, a legendary football player, with his autograph; sold for 5 million tenge.
  • 10. A certificate for an exclusive excursion to the Bolshoi Theater of Russia; sold for 4 million tenge.
  • 11. An exclusive exercise bike from Technogym Company with a unique design for bike ride; sold for 4 million tenge.
  • 12. A racket with an autograph by Zarina Diyas; sold for 2 million tenge.
  • 13. A bicycle Argon 18 coloured for the Tour de France; sold 25 million tenge.
  • 14. A unique vinyl edition of the Batyr’s album "Otan Ana" granted by a fund of Batyrkhan Shukenov; sold for 10 million tenge.
  • 15. A set of paintings painted by the children from the autism centers of "Asyl Miras"; sold for 10 million tenge.

The medical equipment will be purchased for the raised funds for the Central District Hospital of the Merken District (Zhambyl Oblast), Timiryazevskaya Central District Hospital (SSC), Maternity Hospital in a village of Panfilovo and Alakol Central District Hospital (Almaty region), and Rural Hospital in Agadyr village (Karaganda region).

An amount of fees for different years is as follows:

  • 2013 - 11.5 million tenge;
  • 2014 - 87 million tenge;
  • 2015 - 105 million tenge;
  • 2016 - 100 million tenge;
  • 2017 - 168 million tenge;
  • 2018 - 205 million tenge (interim data).