Verny Capital won an award in WOW! HR

Verny Capital participated in the WOW! HR International Business Award and won HR HERO award for the project “Transformation of the communications system: Environment for Natural Development of Leaders”. Projects reflecting the solution of business problems with two or more tools participated in the nomination.

“In the Era of the digital economy, when business processes can be implemented without human involvement, it is especially important for us to work with people who share Verny Capital’s values: competence, performance, leadership, trust and respect, ethics” says Yana Kim, HR Director of Verny Capital.

Verny Capital Group includes about 20 companies from different sectors of the economy, therefore the project’s goal was to recognize the merits of each employee, to weld the teams and strengthen communications at different organizational levels within the holding and the companies.

All companies of the Group put forward one employee and made a video on the subject “The path to success through company values”, which was posted on a specially created website with an open vote. Of the 17 contestants, three employees were qualified for the final and participated in the Leaders Forum annual corporate event. Employees qualified for final were required to make success stories videos for final voting. As a result, more than 100 managers-participants of Leaders Forum voted for the employee they liked.

“We had difficulty with a diversified portfolio of assets. What can unite such seemingly different companies in terms of the industry? The answer came immediately - employees, to be exact, the value of employees in the company. We understand that the efficiency of a company depends not only on the competence of its employees, but also on to what extent they share the company's corporate values. That is what makes the team effective. And in order to stimulate the development of these qualities in the staff, we organized a competition. By the way, now it will be held annually,” concludes Yana Kim.

WOW! HR has been held for the first time in Kazakhstan. The main objective of the award is to recognize the most interesting and outstanding solutions of companies in the field of communications, HR, organization of business processes and corporate culture. Such companies as Air Astana, Kazakhtelecom, Baiterek Holding and others were nominated for the award.