Verny Capital Cup 2019: first Annual Corporate Futsal Tournament

The first Verny Capital Cup 2019 corporate futsal tournament was held on June 16 in Nur-Sultan.  In total, 15 teams took part in the tournament.

In the finals, the Kassa Nova team defeated Beeline Kyrgyzstan on a penalty (3-2). The main time ended with a score of 1-1.

Verny Capital Cup is an annual corporate futsal tournament. Teams will meet again in June 2020.

Prize winners

The tournament champion is Kassa Nova.

Finalist is Beeline Kyrgyzstan.

3rd place is Sary-Arka Airport, Karaganda.

Individual prizes

The best tournament player is Rustem Kuanyshev, Kassa Nova.

The goal scorer of the tournament is Baghlan Ashim, Beeline Kazakhstan.

The best goalkeeper is Almas Dyusembaev, Kassa Nova.

The best defender is Islambek Khudaiberdiev, Beeline Kyrgyzstan.