Expert Update - Tourism in Kazakhstan: What is happening?

What is the current state of inbound tourism in Kazakhstan? What is being done by business to improve the situation? Experts also discussed the project office's role in promoting the tourism, and exchanged their ideas about attracting more foreign and domestic tourists.

Meeting Speakers:

- Timur Duisengaliyev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Tourism

- Olzhas Shintaev, Kazakhstani domestic tourism expert

- Rashida Shaikenova, Director General of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association

- Dana Balfanbayeva, Deputy General Director, Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka Hotel & SPA

- Laura Galiyeva, CEO and founder of KazUnion

The meeting was moderated by Leya Khamitova, Marketing Director at Rixos Borovoe.