A new FlyArystan base will be opened at the Sary-Arka international airport in Karaganda

The first domestic low-cost airline FlyArystan will open a new base at the Sary-Arka international airport in Karaganda in the second quarter of 2020. Currently, all FlyArystan flights are operated from one base in Almaty. The regional office will begin its work with one Airbus A320 fleet, and later another aircraft will be added.

The chairman of the Board of Sary-Arka Airport JSC Sarsenbek Kushkinov believes that the decision to base FlyArystan aircrafts at Sary-Arka airport confirms the right strategic course for the development of the domestic low-cost airline in terms of cost management. “Our partnership agreement follows international practice when low-cost airlines opt for regional airports in order to ensure competitive prices for flights. Karaganda has unique weather conditions in terms of visibility and other key flight parameters at any time of the year and there is all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay and timely service with a predicted double growth in passenger traffic next year,” - the head of the airport emphasized.

After the opening of the base in Karaganda, 100-120 jobs will be opened for pilots, flight attendants, engineers and ground handling personnel.

Since launch of FlyArystan's  Almaty-Karaganda-Almaty flights, more than 200 flights have been carried out with an average board loading factor of 93%. According to the KGA MIIIR RK statistics, since the appearance of FlyArystan for 3 months, passenger traffic at the Sary-Arka airport in Karaganda has increased by almost 50% compared to the same period last year.