The first Tesla Supercharger stations in the CIS region opened in Talan Towers

On November 13, 2019, the official opening of six Tesla Supercharger stations took place in Nur-Sultan, in Talan Towers complex built according to the green building standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) in GOLD category.

Talan Towers multifunctional complex became the first facility in the CIS region that offers the most advanced infrastructure for owners of Tesla electric cars. The event was attended by Yerlan Ospanov, CEO of "Verny Capital" Group, Dennis Schoenmakers, Regional Manager of TESLA, as well as media, partners and guests. In their welcome speeches, speakers paid special attention to energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of Tesla Supercharger stations, as well as further plans to promote the "green" infrastructure for electric transport in Kazakhstan. It is worth reminding that in June 2019, Elon Musk, the founder of TESLA said that it would be a good idea to build Tesla Supercharger stations in Kazakhstan: "Kazakhstan...In fact, we are very supported in Kazakhstan. Maybe we should... We will build superchargers in Kazakhstan!"

"We quickly responded to the promise of Elon Musk. And, of course, there was no doubt that it is necessary to open TESLA Supercharger in Talan Towers. The idea of building this complex lies in environmental friendliness and creation of comfortable conditions for work and leisure. We are positive that not only owners of the electric cars will benefit from this, but also all citizens, as availability of such charging stations will create the infrastructure for a more environmentally friendly city in the future. Electric cars will help to improve air quality by reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. We are pleased that Talan Towers is at the forefront of development of green technologies in Kazakhstan, "- said Yerlan Ospanov, CEO of Verny Capital Group.

Tesla Supercharger stations will be available for all guests and visitors of Talan Towers, the Ritz-Carlton hotel, Astana, as well as for all residents and guests of Nur Sultan city. Four Tesla Supercharger stations are located in parking lot near the Ritz-Carlton hotel, Astana, and two stations - in underground parking at P1 level. These stations provide full charge of Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 electric vehicles in a matter of minutes. Thus, Supercharger station can provide 50 % charge of Tesla car in 20 minutes, and 80% in 40 minutes. In addition, four more Destination chargers are available at P1 level, which are capable of charging a Tesla electric car in about eight hours and are intended for those customers who visit the facility for the long term. TESLA Supercharger and Destination chargers are displayed on Google Maps which are located on the cars ' touch-screens.