Mikhail Dorofeyev appointed as editor-in-chief of the Informburo Program on Channel 31

The well-known Kazakhstani journalist Mikhail Dorofeyev was appointed as editor-in-chief of the Informburo program on Channel 31. Also, he continues to act as the editor-in-chief of Informburo.kz. This appointment is intended to accelerate the process of creating a single editorial office producing informational content for on-air television and the digital environment.

– I am glad that Mikhail Dorofeyev joined our team. Kazakhstani journalists know him as a professional with an extensive working experience in various media - on television, in the press and online media, - said Yuri Brodsky, Channel 31 CEO, commenting on this appointment. – The Informburo.kz project, created under his leadership, quickly became one of the most respected online publications of the country. I am sure that Mikhail’s knowledge and experience will allow us to ensure the synergy of these two projects aimed at creating a multi-platform news agency that will produce an information product for both traditional and new media.

Introducing the new editor-in-chief to Informburo team, Yuri Brodsky noted that the editorial staff will be retained in full, the editorial policy and format of the program will remain the same.

The Informburo.kz project has been implemented since 2015 in partnership with Channel 31. The name of the online portal was given in honor of the television news program Informburo, the oldest information brand in Kazakhstan. It was stated back then, that Verny Capital Group of Companies, the investor of both projects, plans the gradual merging of two editions.

- Over the years, the Informburo was led by most famous editors whose names are inscribed in the history of Kazakhstani television journalism. Therefore this appointment is an honorable and a responsible mission for me, - said Mikhail Dorofeyev. – Creating a joint editorial team is challenging, but very interesting. I’m sure we will succeed in this, since both the Informburo Program on channel 31 and the Informburo.kz project have great teams of professional journalists who are open-minded and adaptive to changing environments.

Commenting on the upcoming unification process, Mikhail Dorofeyev noted that at the first stage, close coordination of both editorial boards will be continued. They will jointly produce multimedia information products and work on the repackaging text formats to television formats and vice versa. There will be an ongoing process of reeducating the journalists. The editorial board of Informburo.kz portal will continue its work with the same staff members, applying the same principles of constructive journalism to their work that have been adhered to over the past three years.

Informburo on Channel 31 ranks second among the news television programs. Informburo.kz information and analytical portal is one of the three most popular online publications in Kazakhstan.

Mikhail Dorofeyev has 25 years of professional experience in the Kazakhstani media. He worked for the local media in Atyrau region, then on the republican level - for KTK TV channel, and in the newspapers - Express K, Gorod and Megapolis (as a deputy editor-in-chief). He held various managerial positions with the national television channels, including the General Director of Astana Television LLP and the General Producer of Era TV Company LLP. Over the years, he was hosting following television programs - “Портрет недели” (KTK TV), “Формула личности” (Kazakhstan, Astana-TV), “Тема” (Astana TV Channel), and “Открытый диалог” (Khabar ). Laureate of the Presidential Award in the mass media (2018), academician of the Academy of Journalism of Kazakhstan.