Hard Talk - Nurlan Smagulov, President of Astana Group

The President of Astana Group answered  the questions about further plans for development of MEGA shopping mall, pricing in Kazakh car industry, prospects of Uzbek market for domestic entrepreneurs, initiatives to improve urban infrastructure and financing of the Cycling Federation in 2020.

Detailed information on discussion topics:

03: 44 – latest changes in MEGA shopping and leisure centers and business trends 
08:50 – Theory of "Caveman" 
09: 41 - Reconstruction of retail space in MEGA shopping mall 
13: 39 - Resolution of conflict and risk assessment in company’s business 
14:30 - Security system in MEGA shopping mall 
15:30 - Credits 
17:29 – Is there any squeeze on Smagulov's business? 
18:27- Publicity of the company as a measure of protection against pressure 
19:38 – Possibility of IPO of the company
21:54 - Development of car industry in Kazakhstan 
22:50 - Construction of the plant for manufacture of Hyundai cars 
23:41 – Construction scheme 
25:25- Who supports the construction of the plant?
26:22- Market for automobiles 
29:28 – What does it take for pricing to help the domestic car industry to dispense with state support? 
32:05 – How did Astana Motors manage to enter the Uzbek market? 
34:47 – Will Astana Group develop projects in Uzbekistan? 
35:46 - Kazakh entrepreneurs should enter the Uzbek market 
37:00 - MEGA shopping malls' part  in the "City without suburbs"  initiative
38:55 – Why does MEGA PARK shopping mall need expansion? 
40:22- I wish all open air bazaars were closed
41:53 - Terms and conditions of using sales floor spaces in MEGA shopping malls
44:41- Initiatives to improve urban infrastructure 
46:08 – Why is Baiseitova Street chosen for reconstruction, and what to expect from the reconstruction? 
49:46- Initiatives in Nauryzbay district of Almaty city
50:15 - Restoration of mosaic panel 
53:40 – What is the Cycling Federation of Kazakhstan lacking?
55:25 - Financing the development of Cycling in 2020 
58:37-What are the results of litigation with the company's former top managers? 
1:00:35 – Private sector is also prone to corruption.