ForteBank will adopt hybrid working model

The decision was made by the Bank's management after carrying out an anonymous employee survey about their work during the state of emergency:

- 70% of employees said that this was their first experience of working remotely;

- 56% of them noted that their productivity has not changed;

- 35% reported improved productivity;

- 63% of employees would like to work remotely after the quarantine, periodically visiting the office;

- 18% would prefer to work from home all day.

ForteBank will adopt the hybrid working model after removal of quarantine restrictions in Kazakhstan. Thus, those employees of the Bank who are comfortable with working remotely will be able to combine work from home with visiting the office when necessary.

Our colleagues from ForteBank not only spoke about the new format of work, but also shared information about how representatives of different departments communicate with each other now, during the state of emergency and quarantine, and how working from home has affected their lives and professional qualities (spoiler: they like it!).

Follow the link to find out more: Гибридный режим работы. ForteBank доказывает, что это возможно