Yekaterina Kocheva appointed as Director General of Channel 31

Yekaterina Kocheva, a well-known Kazakhstani TV producer and media manager, has been appointed as Director General of Channel 31.

Yekaterina Kocheva has been working in television since 2002. Yekaterina is the author and producer of numerious projects on Kazakh television. Since April 2019, Yekaterina has been working on Channel 31. On October 3, 2019, she was appointed as a Director for Strategic Planning and Production. Since February 1, 2020, Yekaterina has been Acting Director General of Channel 31.

Yekaterina supervised the process of creation of several programs on Channel 31 -  "Kel, tatulasayyk" new talk show,  "Coronavirus: ne isteu kerek?" educational program,  "Barimiz uydemiz" entertainment program.

"Channel 31 is one of the best channels in Kazakhstan, and I am happy to lead it. With the Channel 31 team, we have already launched a number of new projects which hopefully will resonate with our viewers. The development strategy of Channel 31 which was designed and approved by the shareholders will allow the channel to increase its audience, attract advertisers and set new trends for further development of Kazakh television," Yekaterina Kocheva said.

Yekaterina Kocheva was born in Kazakhstan and has 18 years of experience in television. She worked for the largest Kazakh TV channels such as Khabar, KTK, and NTK. She was a producer of such projects as Nasha Kazasha, Minute to Win it, Rassmeshi Komika. In 2015-2018, she managed the ON TV channel's cooperation project with UEFA, including international broadcasts of UEFA Champions League matches involving Kazakh teams.

Over the past years, Yekaterina has been actively engaged in the production of various TV projects, as well as the purchase and preparation of television content for broadcast.