Galym Ospanov, RG Gold: "Safety has always been and remains our highest priority".

RG Gold is developing Raigorodok, the largest gold deposit, located in the Burabay area, Akmola region. The company employs over 850 members of its own staff, and more than 300 employees of contracting companies.

All workers are provided with personal protective equipment and means for prevention of possible viral infections – antiseptics, masks, gloves and glasses. Before the start of each work shift all workers undergo PCR testing, which is carried out at company's expense. There is an established algorithm for isolating infected employees and exposed persons.

Regular disinfection is carried out in all office and residential premises, dining rooms, leisure rooms, work areas, warehouses, corridors and technical rooms.

"Despite the pandemic and costliness of measures to ensure the protection of staff health, safety and welfare, we have never thought about reducing jobs or cutting wages. We continue to work as usual, keeping all jobs and paying full salaries," Ospanov said.

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