Pure gold of the Raygorodok. How gold miners care about the environment

RG Gold, Kazakh gold mining company, will soon start using the more efficient method for extraction of precious metal – “coal-in-pulp”. This enterprise illustrates what this method is, what it is used for, how safe it is and how Kazakh gold miners ensure the protection of the environment surrounding their enterprise.

RG Gold, the company developing the North and South Raygorodok gold deposits (Burabay area, Akmola region, Kazakhstan), invests more than KZT 100 billion in construction of new gold recovery plant.

The plant is expected to be launched at the end of 2022, whereupon the company will be able to increase (up to 5 million tons per annum) ore processing and drastically increase the annual gold production rate – from the current 50 thousand ounces to 175 thousand ounces. The total estimated reserves of the deposit - 6 million ounces.

The increase in productivity is due to introduction of another gold mining method – tank leaching of gold-bearing ore. Heap leaching method is currently used at the production site.

The “coal-in-pulp” method makes business more efficient, but causes the Company to think about preserving the ecological balance in the region, a possible threat to the health of employees and residents of the region, because cyanide agents are classified as highly toxic substances. Our correspondent tried to find out why RG Gold switched to the new method.

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