Simon Mills - about distance learning during the pandemic, innovations and educational grants

In his interview to, Simon Mills, a new Director of Haileybury Almaty talked about distance learning during the pandemic, innovations and educational grants.

According to Simon Mills,  distance learning will not affect the daily schedule of high-school students. "They (students) wake up in the morning, classes are given online, and there are breaks for personal time and lunch. Nevertheless, we advise students and their parents not only to sit at the computer, but also to do exercises and enjoy outdoor activities. For example, we had the Amazing autumn programme, dedicated to outdoor running. After all, sitting in front of a computer screen for a long period can negatively affect the mental health of the children and their physical well-being. The complexity of online education lies in the fact that  teachers should build a trusting relationship with their students. We pay special attention to this issue, because the quality of the acquired knowledge depends on it, " - says S. Mills.

Every year, Haileybury Almaty allocates 10 educational grants for gifted children who do not have the financial opportunities to get an A-Level education at Haileybury Almaty. "Now we are preparing for our traditional Subject Olympiads, which will be the first stage in obtaining grants for free school education. We have already accepted more than 100 applications from gifted students to participate in the Olympiad," - says Simon Mills.

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