Stanislav Buyanskiy, Narxoz University: We will move from the vertical of power to the matrix management

According to Stanislav Buyansky, acting Rector of Narxoz University, the new organizational structure will significantly optimize the business processes and improve the quality of management.

Following the best international practices the new organizational  structure implies that the replacement of Rector's position by the President, and the position of Provost is additionally introduced. The President will be responsible for strategic development of the University, interaction with government agencies and the public, administrative and personnel issues, legal risks, security issues and certain aspects of international cooperation. The Provost will be responsible for scientific and academic issues, as well as for coordinating schools.

“Today we clearly see at what stage business processes become inefficient, and at what stage they stop. The new structure is something like an additional system of channels for water. If the river does not find a way, it will overflow its banks or stagnate, but it is only necessary to dig additional channels – and you will see the blooming fields along their entire length. This is also true for organizations. We have analyzed various models and know for sure that today, in the context of uncertain market environment, this management model will yield the best outcomes. It should be noted that changing the organizational structure is just the beginning, we are open and have developed plans for a gradual large-scale transformation in all areas of the University's activities. Step by step, we will build a world-class university. Today, our strategic goal is to become the best University in Central Asia. And we will achieve it,” - says Buyanskiy.

It is important to note that both positions are elective. Both current managers and external candidates who have the required skills and competencies can submit their applications.

Requirements for candidates can be found on the University's website at

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