Erlan Ospanov: Economics is a sinister science

“Economics is a sinister science” - Erlan Ospanov, Director General, Verny Capital Group of Companies was a guest of “20:20” Baigenews project.

In this interview, Erlan Ospanov talked about the pandemic crisis in the economy, charity, ecology and urban development.

Regarding the efficiency of anti-crisis measures to support entrepreneurs, Erlan Ospanov noted that it would be more expedient to support not the business itself, but the demand, consumers.

“It is better to stimulate demand. When we give benefits to business, this give rise to such criteria as who is eligible and who is ineligible. And who says that these criteria are fair? ( ... ) When we support demand, all participants in economic activity will be in the same conditions and, accordingly, continue to compete for their consumers. And then the strongest survives. Only her Majesty competition can regulate the economy and the market” - explained Ospanov.

He also shared his opinion on the events in Kyrgyzstan, environmental culture in our country, and current attitude to the workingman.

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