Davlat Abduvali: On the importance of an MBA degree

Davlat Abduvali, PhD, Dean of Narxoz University Graduate School of Business, on importance of an MBA degree:

“Narxoz, like many other top universities offering MBA programs, carefully selects candidates. It is not a priority for us to sell the program to the maximum number of students in a short term period. It is more important to build a diverse and inclusive group of students with interesting views, sufficient experience and right expectations. Students should be ready to bring a value to the group by sharing their experiences, listening, reflecting and critically evaluating thoughts, generating new ideas, receiving, and utilizing new information”.

“Just imagine that you regularly meet in one room to interact with a number of top managers working in different industries. Do you have any ideas for cooperation, for example, between a flower business and a Telecom giant? Feel free to discuss it in an informal setting with a top manager. Do you want to find a good auditor for your business? It is possible that you are sitting at the same table with them,”- says D. Abduvali.

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