RG Gold will increase the wage fund by 25 %

Starting from January 1, 2022, the salaries of RG Gold employees will be increased. The total wage fund will increase by 25%. The changes will mainly affect the workers of the main production divisions of the company.

"RG Gold has implemented and successfully operates a staff motivation system, there is an employee recognition program. Salaries are reviewed on an annual basis, which depends on achievement of the company's planned indicators, movement of the labor market and individual performance of the employees,” said Lawrence Rossouw, CEO of RG Gold.

“At the end of 2021, we have analyzed the wage market for operating and engineering personnel in the mining industry in Kazakhstan. Based on the results, management has made the decision to increase salaries from 7% to 25% from 1 January 2022. I would like to note that the largest increase occurred among those workers whose salary level was lower than the market values at the end of last year”, he notes.

Earlier, RG Gold announced the start of construction of a mining and metallurgical complex in the Akmola region at the expense of shareholders, as well as borrowed funds in the amount of 300 million US dollars. The capacity of the new plant, which is planned to be completed by the 4th quarter of 2022, will amount to 5 million tons of primary ore per year. More than 250 new jobs will be created.