Eldar Abdrazakov: The state needs to abandon the image of the owner

Eldar Abdrazakov, Chairman of the Board – independent director of ForteBank:

“I think that we are revaluating our ideas of the world patterns, of our place in the world economy, of our prospects of development that have been laid down back in the beginning of the 2000-s. A lot of time has passed since, many events have occurred.  We understand that something happens not the way we expected. We are on the threshold of a quite different Kazakhstan in the completely new realities.

This rethinking happens, firstly, under the pressure of internal factors. We have received signals that our society is greatly dissatisfied with the current state, despite the "successful" government programmes. Why, what is happening? Is it because of the economy not working right? Or maybe Government programmes not working? Maybe the people who work are not the right people? And, in general, the big question is: maybe the country is in the wrong place? Today everything is subjected to questions for us.

Secondly, we are affected by a very large external factor. Geopolitical risks have risen sharply. The foreign economic alliance, and along with it the setup that we had, will change dramatically in the nearest future. And these changes are taking place against the backdrop of global inflation. There is a sharp rise in prices for food, clothing, real estate. The increasing price of one thing affects the rise in the price of another, and these problems accumulate like a snowball. They exist in geopolitics, macropolitics, industrial policy, in the relationship between a citizen and the state. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to understand and compartmentalize them, and only after that we will be able to find the solution to these problems."

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