Narxoz University unveiled a new campus

The reconstruction of the university's main campus in Zhandosov Street in Almaty was performed as part of Narxoz strategic development strategy. According to the plan up to 2025, the creation of comfortable conditions and formation of an atmosphere of knowledge is one of the important stages in the university’s transformation. The new campus is equipped with modern laboratories, a 24-hour library, and lecture halls with a technical base and ergonomic, comfortable furniture for studies. The space promises to become a centre of attraction for talented youth, since all the necessary conditions for education and creativity are provided here.

“We have been systematically working on the university transformation since 2007; the opening of a new campus has become the next stage in this process. In addition to qualitative changes in the academic part, updating the educational programme and rebooting the university management process, we have carried out large-scale work to create a comfortable academic building for students. Thanks to creative architectural solutions, we managed to transform a gray, outdated building into a modern space filled with natural light. The reconstruction of the campus reflects our principled approach to the work of the university - Narxoz remains a non-profit organisation, all spare funds gained from its activities are invested in its development," noted Erlan Ospanov, CEO at Verny Capital Group of Companies.

The reconstruction of the university’s main academic building with a total area of ​​30,000 square metres was completed in a record 11 months. The main feature is its focus on sustainable development: modern environmentally friendly technologies, materials and equipment were used during construction, more than 30,000 green spaces were planted throughout the building territory. The use of advanced "green" solutions in construction significantly reduced emissions of harmful substances throughout the campus, and thanks to the introduction of energy-efficient lighting fixtures, energy savings will amount to about 120,000 kilovolts annually. In total, the new campus has more than 26 IT labs, 112 classrooms and 115 open space work areas. For the convenience of students and teachers, a modern library operates on the territory of the academic building around the clock and seven days a week, in addition there is a separate office for foreign students - a welcome centre.

Narxoz University has a rich history that begins in 1963. Over the years of its existence, the university has won the status of a forge of highly qualified personnel. For six decades, its graduates have been part of the political and business elite of the country.

“Most recently, Narxoz University entered the list of the prestigious Times Higher Education Impact Ranking and confirmed its status as one of the leaders in the development of scientific knowledge in Kazakhstan. We managed to modernize the university, preserving and increasing all the best things that we have. We adhered to the same philosophy in the reconstruction of the main campus: we managed to preserve the iconic mosaic and restore the original appearance of the entrance group of the building, thereby paying tribute to that time and the legacy of the educational institution,” said Miras Daulenov, President of Narxoz University.

To remind, Narxoz is a Kazakhstani university that provides education in the field of economics, law, business, marketing, finance, hospitality, tourism, public administration and digital technologies and is located in the city of Almaty. To date, the university includes 5 schools and 4 research centres, including the Institute for Research on Sustainable Development in Kazakhstan.  Narxoz is a member of European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI). University has international accreditations and is among the top 800 best universities in the world in terms of the Times Higher Education Impact, the best universities in the country according to the rating results of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kazakhstan Republic and NCE "Atameken",  and its educational programmes are recognised by international certifications (ACCA, CIMA).