“VERNY CAPITAL” Group has been nominate as the Private equity firm of the 2014 year” in Kazakhstan by international publishing house “The Business Year”

Yerlan Ospanov, CEO and Managing Partner of the Group, said: “Our country pays a lot of attention and efforts to the building of its image in the eyes of the international investment community. Image videos are being produced for the rotation on international TV channels, meetings, forums, special events are being held, including such a large-scale event as “Expo 2017”. Our Group, as the largest private equity firm in Kazakhstan, understands the importance of this work. It is obvious that the interest of the investors in Kazakhstan is growing; they are looking for the information that can be trusted. This award was unexpected and we are pleased to be the first Kazakh firm, which was nominated by «The Business Year».

Editorial “The Business Year” annually according to its assessment nominates the outstanding companies in each of the twenty countries about which reviews are published. The Publishing House plans to nominate four awards in Kazakhstan in total. In addition to the group “Verny Capital”, that is nominated as “Private equity firm of the year”, the other companies will be also awarded for “CRS involvement of the year”, “Building company of the year” and the “Bank of the year“.

Reviews of “The Business Year. Kazakhstan” are being published since 2011. The latest review of “The Business Year. Kazakhstan” was published in summer of 2014The next will be published in May of 2015. This review will also include an interview with Yerlan Ospanov, CEO of the Group “Verny Capital”, a short version of which was published on the portal of “The Business Year” in October of the last year.


Additional information:

Verny Capital”- one of the largest groups in Kazakhstan, specializing on private equity to private companies. Acquiring controlling or significant minority stakes in the companies of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries from private owners, “Verny Capital” is actively involved in their strategic and operational management. The group was founded in 2006. Total assets under management of “Verny Capital” are more than 4 billion US dollars. Portfolio companies of the group are represented in such sectors as natural resources, telecommunications and media, consumer goods and services, transport and logistics, production of construction materials, real estate and hotel business. For many years, “Verny Capital” successfully cooperates with international strategic investors, facilitating their access to the capital and markets of Kazakhstan and CIS and bringing its experience and expertise to the partnership.



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