NARHOZ University has presented its development concept as a leader of economic and business education in Central Asia

Almaty, 8 April 2016 – A new economic University named after Turar Ryskulov today has announced about the name change to “НАРХОЗ Университетi” in Kazakh language, “Университет НАРХОЗ” in Russian and “NARXOZ University” in English. At the event, dedicated to the presentation of the development concept of NARXOZ University as a leader of economic and business education in Central Asia, the university management spoke about the reforms, having been carried out by a team of international experts, and announced about new initiatives.

The brand “Narxoz” was formed historically - it is a huge positive energy, prescribed by decades of academic, educational and scientific traditions. In precisely this way for the whole period of existence of the University, the Almaty Institute of National Economy, founded in 1963, was called informally. After gaining independence by Kazakhstan, the University has been repeatedly renamed, but the name “Narxoz” firmly consolidated beyond it, remaining synonymous with high standards of economic education. This has been confirmed today by the gathered at the walls of this alma mater, dozens of graduates who achieved undeniable heights in business and being known for their merits to the country.

The new top management of the University, headed by the rector Krzysztof Rybinski declared about the conducted large-scale reforms. Today Narxoz aims to become an innovative university that graduates professionals, who have solid, efficient and modern knowledge base and competencies, but also, leadership qualities. Its graduates are able to develop in accordance with modern requirements and international standards of the business environment, and are always in demand in the open highly competitive labor market. On the basis of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education there were developed and implemented quality assurance standards into the educational process.


Since 2005, the investor has contributed into the social non-profit project of the transformation of the University about 40 million USD, inasmuch as for the development of the economy there is nothing more important than the creation of decent educational base that meets the latest international standards. This made possible to attract international experts to update the material and technical base, to successfully carry out necessary reforms and to bring Narxoz University onto a new stage of development.

Also at the event it was announced about the establishment of an Endowment Fund, which purpose is to assist to Narxoz University graduates of different ages to talented students from low-income families, as well as support for teachers and other projects.

As it was said by Bulat Zhamitovich Utemuratov during his speech: “Establishment of the Fund is our next contribution to the further development of the University. I am sure that many of its graduates would also like to support the native alma-mater and to make their feasible contribution. Therefore, today we are announcing about a new tool that will make this possible. "

"The vision of Narxoz University is consist of becoming the best and most innovative economic University of Central Asia. We introduce the world's most advanced innovations into the educational process: blended learning, inverted classes, the most advanced e-learning platforms. All this is achieved thanks to the support of our shareholder.   And certainly, the University’s management aims to attract for training gifted children and to help those who do not have financial capacity to gain economic education. Having determined as its mission search and upbringing of talents, the scholarship program of “Verniy Capital” group of companies offers five nominal scholarships of Bulat Utemuratov “Future business leaders”, as well as 100 scholarships for undergraduate programs to be sponsored by of “Verniy Capital” group together with “Forte Bank” JSC since September 2016”, - Krzysztof Rybinski rector of Narxoz University said during the press conference.