IMG is a multimedia information and analytical portal, which ranks among the TOP 3 largest news websites in Kazakhstan according to

Recipient of several awards:

1. Four-time winner of the international Mediator Award ("Most widely read media")

2. Urker-2018 Award ("The Best Online Media")

3. People's Favorite-2019 Award ("The Best Online Information Media of the Year")

4. Mira Mustafina Award ("The best Media of 2021: for contribution to implementation of family and gender policy in Kazakhstan"). covers only the most significant events in the country and around the world, while providing the reader with answers to the following questions: What are underlying causes? How will this affect the lives of people? What can ordinary citizens do to change the situation? The journalists invite the readers to search together for answers to the questions "Why?" and "What for?", trying to do this in an impartial manner and considering opposite views. The editorial board of the portal is one of the first in Kazakhstan to use the principles of "solutions journalism" ("constructive journalism") and "explanatory journalism" in their work.

These principles allowed the to become one of the most reliable media in Kazakhstan. The average monthly number of readers makes over 3 million unique users who view more than 10 million pages. 90% of readers are from Kazakhstan.

More than 600 thousand users follow in social media - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and others.


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