IMG is a multimedia information and analysis internet portal. It has been operating since May 2015. It was named after the earliest information brand in Kazakhstan-news program “Informburo”. During the first months of operation, internet portal was among the five most popular websites in category “News and Media” in Kazakh Internet. is not an information agency. Editorial staff transmits news only about significant events selected by principle of social significance and public response. Unlike other information agencies, is not limited to social and political agenda; it also covers significant events in the sphere of culture, education, science and new technologies. follows its reader and informs not only about what happened, but also responds to such questions as: What are the reasons for this? How will this affect the life of ordinary people? What can the regular citizens do to change the things? The journalists of invite the readers to pursue together the answers to questions: Why? and What for?,and try to be objective by presenting the other sides of the coin. Editorial staff was among the first to use the principles of “journalism of solutions” (“constructive journalism”) and “explanatory journalism”. is a multimedia internet portal. Editorial staff believes that multimedia – photos, video, infographic, schemes and pictures- is the integral part of the article. Often one photo or several seconds of the video say more than words.

These principles allowed to be one of the most authoritative online media in Kazakhstan. The average monthly number of readers of amounts to approximately 1 million unique users, of which more than 95% - from Kazakhstan. Total number of views amounts to approximately 6 million pages. Moreover, at average each visitor spends not less than 4 minutes on the website and reads 2.5 pages during each visit.


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