Sary-Arka airport


The international airport of the city of Karaganda is one of the largest air harbors of Kazakhstan and an integral part of the air corridor connecting Europe and Asia. The airport was constructed in 1980 and since 1992 has the status as an international airport. Today, Sary-Arka airport is a modern airport system with high specifications and performance corresponding to international standards. Sary-Arka airport has high growth potential.

The capital reconstruction of the airport, provided for by the investment program, was completed in 2008. In particular, repair and extension of the runway, comprehensive reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the passenger terminal with two new air bridges were carried out; a modern cargo terminal was built and airport special vehicles were purchased.

The designed capacity of the airport is 2.5 million passengers per annum, and the runway can accept all types of the aircraft. The airport operates around the clock, provides customs, border and quarantine control. Convenient waiting hall, CIP-hall, bars and restaurant, parenting rooms, first-air post, and luggage lockers are at the disposal of air passengers. There is a flight catering area. Modern screening equipment (manufactured in Great Britain and Germany) providing a high-quality inspection of the passengers and luggage is installed the arrival and departure lounges, in customs warehouse premise. The airport is a registered ISAGO provider and ensures the implementation of IATA safety standards for ground handling operations.

Since 2007, the airport has been servicing aircrafts of companies performing transit freight carriage through the airspace of Kazakhstan. Since 2016, the program for servicing commercial cargo flights has been implemented. Currently, AirBridgeCargo carries out regular cargo flights to the airport twice a week.


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