01 Янв 1970 Financial reporting - Verny Capital - лидер в отрасли частных инвестиций Казахстана

Financial reporting

State registration date: October 19, 2006

Shareholder: Verny Investments Holding, LLP

License: Operations in security market from January 9, 2017 No.

Main activity: Portfolio management including the following sub-activity: portfolio management without the right of pension contributions attraction. Verny Capital JSC renders the services on individual trust management and Unit Investment Trusts’ asset management.

Verny Capital JSC located at: 16 Dostyk str., 29-floor, Yessil district, Astana, Z05H9K3 Kazakhstan, BIN 061040008593, KZ19965F010000891844 at ForteBank JSC in Astana city, BIC IRTYKZKA, hereby informs that the Sole shareholder of Verny Capital JSC from August 25, 2017 made a decision on payment of dividends according to the results of the year of 2015 in amount of 50,000,000 tenge.

The size of dividend is 65.02 tenge per one ordinary share of Verny Capital JSC being paid according to the Decision made on August 25, 2017

The period for which the dividends are being paid is per results of the year 2015. Dividend payment start date is August 25, 2017. Dividends according to the results of the year 2015 are paid through money transfer to a bank account of Verny Investments Holding LLP.