01 Янв 1970 Strategy - Verny Capital - лидер в отрасли частных инвестиций Казахстана

Investment strategy

of investment

Kazakhstan and the CIS countries are priority areas for investment. However, the Verny Capital Group is open to consider attractive investment projects outside the region.

The size
of investments

The target size for any single Verny Capital investment is 50 million U.S. dollars.


Verny Capital has considerable expertise and experience in the mining, oil and gas and telecommunications industries, as well as in the financial services and real estate sectors. The Group does not rule out investments in other sectors of the economy.


Projects should demonstrate significant growth potential with a value multiplier of at least 2-times investment. Target exit within 5 years.


Maintaining and building a strong management team with noteworthy experience and previous achievements in order to make successful investment decisions. Verny Capital actively participates in the management of companies to increase their value.


Verny Capital considers investments in companies that either are expected to take a leadership position in the industry or clearly have certain competitive advantages.