01 Янв 1970 Press centre - Verny Capital - лидер в отрасли частных инвестиций Казахстана



TBY talks to Erlan Ospanov, CEO of Verny Capital, on project progress, potential areas for growth, and embracing technology.

Certain uncertainty at Davos 2018 18.05.2018

Technologies are developing so quickly and significant events changing the business landscape occur so frequently, that it is becoming harder and harder to make plans even for half a year.

South-Kyrgyz Cement - 8 years on the market 12.05.2018

In 2010, the first car with cement of South-Kyrgyz cement CJSC was shipped, and in 2018 the company celebrates 8 years old. During this time, the plant produced 4.5 million tons of cement, and more than 600 thousand tons a year. Taking into account such annual volume, it is possible to build 21 000 two-story houses - a whole town.