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Digitalization 1: Blockchain technology in business 14.11.2017

This series of program on business processes digitalization where we will turn our attention more detailed at a blockchain technology, tell about its practical application and its technical structure.

Program guests: Mr. Teimur Muslim, CEO to "Asia Blockhain" Association, Mr. Andrey Andreyev, Software Developer, and Mr. Guram Andronikashvilli, Banker.

Modern concept of trading centers 14.11.2017

The concept of the third place (home, office and shopping and entertainment center) is very popular in the world and the main questions that developers ask are how to achieve this, what is needed and what people want, and how to make the business profitable. The conversation will focus on successful concepts of shopping centers, major world trends, comfort and atmosphere in shopping and entertainment centers, and about a guest service.

Gastronomic restaurant business 14.11.2017

A human being as a biological creature must satisfy his food requirement. And, it is interesting that in different cultures this happens variously. For example, for Americans it is a simple filling with energy, and for the Frenchmen it is a pleasure. Let us talk about the concept of a gastronomic business, about the peculiarities of opening of fine dining restaurants in different countries, and about the “secrets” of successful establishments.

Banks: A myth or a truth 14.11.2017

In this issue we will try to define the main “myths” of bank activity and to consider them from the positions of a banker and an independent market analyst.

Program guests: Mr. Magzhan Auezov, ForteBank JSC Chairman and Mr. Rakhim Oshakbayev, Director to the Applied Researches Center “Talap” Public Foundation

HR as the main resource for business 14.11.2017

The HR role and aspects in business in part of recruitment, selection principles of employees to a business structure from the side of an international recruitment agency and HR subdivision of a large company / large Holding, forecasts for HR and job market development in future.

Startups and business initiative 14.11.2017

Nowadays the number of all kinds of events for startuppers is just over-the-top. Presentations, hackathons, startup shows, pitchings, speed datings, networking and a lot of other definitions borrowed from the Europe which fill in the lives of a young generation. What will it result in? How a startupper could find its investor? What kind of an entrepreneur should be today? Is he a startupper?

Digitalization 14.11.2017

Nowadays everyone speak about digitalization and its insertion into all spheres of a life. What is this? What for is the digitalization and what it gives? In this issue we will discuss the digitalization as the process in a general understanding and its use in the business sphere and in life.

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