Leader in private investments in Kazakhstan

The Group endeavors to assist companies attract financing, manage risks as well as introduce best practices

The Group manages $4 billion of assets


We invest in projects

Verny Capital Portfolio — 15 projects for a total amount of $4 billion
2.40 2012
2.38 2013
2.35 2014
1.94 2015
1.98 2016
1.69 2017
2.05 2018
56% 2011
56% 2012
57% 2013
56% 2014
54% 2015
54% 2016
54% 2017
54% 2018
ATF bank4.9 — multiplier of sale of ATF bank2007
Vasilkovskoye11.3 — multiplier of sale of Vasilkovskoye field2007
Kazzinc5.8 — multiplier of exit from Kazzinc2012
Preobrajenskneft11.3 — multiplier of exit from Preobrajenskneft2014


Yerlan Ospanov

Yerlan Ospanov Director General

Marlen Mirzabekov

Marlen Mirzabekov First Deputy Director General

Aidan Akanov

Aidan Akanov Deputy Director General, CFO

Olga Abdrakhmanova

Olga Abdrakhmanova Deputy Director General, Corporate Affairs

Iskander Zhakenov

Iskander Zhakenov Deputy Director General, Legal Affairs

Dauren Utemuratov

Dauren Utemuratov Deputy Director General

Gaukhar Nurusheva

Gaukhar Nurusheva Managing Director for Financial Control

Yana Kim

Yana Kim Managing Director for Human Resources

Dana Amanbekova

Dana Amanbekova Managing Director for Taxes

Marat Shaimardanov

Marat Shaimardanov Executive Director

Daniyar Zhusupov

Daniyar Zhusupov Executive Director

Address and phones

Talan Towers, 16, Dostyk Str.,
010000, Nur-Sultan