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Why private companies build factories on time and within budget

RG Gold launched a new mining and smelting complex last fall. The enterprise was built in 18 months, despite the logistical difficulties associated with the pandemic and the geopolitical situation in the region. It produces gold in doré alloy for further refining and sale to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is planned that this year the production will reach full capacity and the MMC will process 5 million tons of ore. With the launch of the new enterprise, RG Gold will increase its annual production to 6 tons of gold. Such indicators are unexpected for the Raygorodok deposit, which was once considered unpromising.

“Never before has the company processed more than 600 tons of ore per hour. This is a challenge for our entire team. A ton of ore in Southern Raygorodok contains on average about 1.3 grams of gold, and in Northern Raygorodok – about 1 gram. Given the relatively low metal content of the ore, we are particularly sensitive to process control,” says Lawrence Rossow, CEO of RG Gold.

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