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Women’s business

According to the official data, as of 2021 the number of females in mining industry in Kazakhstan is equal to 22%. The industry is becoming more attractive and comfortable for women.

“Those who are not familiar with the gold mining sphere believe that this job is not a suitable for women. However, a woman working in the mining industry is not uncommon nowadays. Women here work not only as cooks, medical workers, but also as laboratory assistants, geochemist engineers, geologists, surveyors. In fact, women are represented in every department of our company,” says Valentina Shkirova, a geologist at the RG Gold gold mining and production company. 

RG Gold is a gold mining and production company operating in the Burabay area of Akmola region. Women make up at 10% of its workforce, and this share continues to grow. Almost all women who work in the company hold specialist positions, so 90 out of 113 women are specialists, and 16 are managers.

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